We’ve Saved a Seat for You!

We’ve all shared the feeling: you enter a crowded room, not knowing if you’ll find a friend, fearing you won’t have a place to sit. We’ve all felt the relief at hearing the invitation, “Hey, sit next to me!”

The Sit Next to Me! Film Festival celebrates stories that illustrate our universal desire to belong as well as remind us of our personal responsibility to make others feel welcome.

The film series is being offered by:

  • Common Threads/Equality Non-Discrimination of Bloomsburg
  • Keystone Progress
  • The Central Susquehanna Chapter of the ACLU of PA.

The series features three feature films: Bully, Kumu Hina and Out in the Silence. Each film highlights the experiences of individuals trying to find a place and communities responding with varying degrees of invitation and acceptance.

Please add our fall screenings to your calendar:

  • Bully on Oct. 25th @ 3pm at the First Presbyterian Church, 345 Market St, Bloomsburg
  • Kumu Hina on Nov 21st @ 11 am at The Capitol, 45 E Main St, Bloomsburg

Stay tuned for future dates!

The fourth screening showcases the winners of our Sit Next to Me! high school short-film contest. SNTM! Film Festival encourages students to honestly discuss their current experiences and their hopes for a more inclusive future in a format that inspires innovation and further conversation.
Please join us at the Sit Next to Me! Film Series. We’ve saved a seat for you!

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